Cherry Blossoms Online Slot Guide for Players

Cherry Blossoms Online Slot Guide

The Cherry Blossoms slot game is brought to you by Next Gen. It features a Japanese theme based specifically around beautiful cherry blossoms, with a geisha that occasionally makes an appearance. The game does have pleasant graphics, and it is clear that work has gone into the symbol designs, but one can’t ignore that the Cherry Blossoms slot game is starting to show its age. It simply does not stand up to more modern slot games, and some players may be disappointed.

The area in which the Cherry Blossoms slot game is most lacking is in the audio. Many modernslots have full audio soundtracks, often created by full orchestras. Not to mention that many of the soundtracks are even interactive. In the Cherry Blossom slot game, however, a player will hear only a generic tune that plays upon spinning the reels. It just doesn’t live up to what modern slot games players have come to expect. But a slot game is about more then just its presentation, so lets look at what the game offers in terms of game play.

Standard Game Play

The Cherry Blossoms slot in online gambling uses a 5 reel, 20 betting line system. The first thing that will become evident, however, is that the betting lines are manually adjustable. The player may adjust the betting lines up or down as they prefer, which goes a long way to adding layers of strategy. This is already a good sign for the game, and those experienced slot game players who enjoy tactical freedom will feel right at home or happy on the move playing at mobile casino sites. Especially once the nature of the bonus and special games becomes evident.

There are also a number of bonus features, and although not groundbreaking in their innovation, all are interesting, work well, and are extremely generous. The Cherry Blossom online slots game may not be a visual or audio masterpiece, but certainly offers a fun time as far as game play is concerned. It is certainly worth a look for both veteran and amateur slot game players.

Casino Slot Cherry Blossoms

Bonus Symbols and Special Features

The previously mentioned geisha is the wild symbol in the Cherry Blossoms slot game. She will match with any other symbol, excluding the scatter symbol, to help create matching sequences. All winning sequences created with the geisha pay out double their usual amount. Plus, the geisha may also match with herself up to a maximum of five times, which is the largest standard payout in the game. Keep your eye on this lady, she will go a long way to helping your wallet get fatter.

Like having a look at the Australian Open odds by AU punters, the next bonus symbol to keep an eye on is the scatter symbol, represented as a cherry blossom. The scatter symbol may be matched 3, 4 or 5 times, with 15, 20, or 25 free spins granted respectively. These free spins in themselves are a generous bonus, but add the fact that all prizes are tripled during free spins and you start to understand that the Cherry Blossoms slot game is incredibly generous.