Describing about the Most Popular Casino Games

Most Popular Casino Games

There are so many casino games available these days, at both online sites and land-based venues, that every possible preference is catered for. But emerging trends indicate that the most popular titles being played on desktops, smartphones, and tablets are very similar to those being enjoyed on brick-and-mortar casino floors.

Blackjack: 31% of All Table Game Action

Blackjack is by far the first choice of most players, understandable when you consider how low the house edge is for this game, the skill required of players to win, and the huge array of variations available, many featuring fascinating side bets.

Roulette: 24% of All Table Game Action

Even though Roulette is essentially a game of chance, it has managed to capture the imagination of players for hundreds of years now. Creative betting systems have sprung up around it as people keep trying to beat the house, but the best way of doing so remains that you stick to the European and French variations whenever they are available.

Casino Poker

Poker: 21% of All Table Game Action

The one thing players from the Far East enjoying playing more than slots? Poker! And, thanks to just how many variations there are of this excellent card game, it can be treated more like a category than as an individual title.

The list of popular versions of the original is long and includes Caribbean Stud, Casino Hold’em, Let It Ride, Mississippi Stud, and Pai Gow Poker.

Some of these variations even include Progressive Jackpot bets, which put players in the running for truly breathtaking prizes.

Baccarat, or Punto Banco: 9% of All Table Game Action

Baccarat is particularly beloved by high rollers, but its fan base has grown considerably since online casinos entered the mix, thanks to the fact that so many more bet preferences are catered to in this arena.

Baccarat boasts a very low house edge, just 1.06% for the Player and Banker bets, and while the rules governing when a third card gets drawn are complicated, you don’t need to know them. Either the RNG software will handle this automatically when you are playing online or the live dealer will. You just need to focus on which hand you think is more likely to win!

It’s also sometimes called Punto Banco like at and there are certain sites and land-based venues which allow you to make additional side bets on the action.

Craps: 6% of All Table Game Action

Craps has been a hot favourite in the United States of America for many years now, and Asia and Europe are beginning to boast similar statistics. The good chance of enjoying a lucky streak with True Odds, or no house edge, after the Pass has been set adds greatly to its appeal.

While the virtual version lacks the clamour and rowdiness of the real-life gameplay when it comes to Craps, it is much easier to bet on the Don’t Pass when you’re online because you don’t have to go against a crowd to do so!