Different Kinds Of Playing Cards To Keep At Home

Most people are familiar with the normal deck of playing cards that just about everyone has tucked away somewhere in their home. Made up of 52 cards in total, these are the decks that are most often used for a quick game of blackjack and solitaire at home when there’s not much else to do.

But what you might be surprised to learn is that there are, in fact, quite a few varieties of playing cards that can be found, with each offering something unique. Here we will look at the more popular kinds of playing cards and what they are generally used for.

Game Cards

Most cards will be used for playing games, such as poker or blackjack, so it makes sense that there would be specialised gaming decks of cards that can make your games even better.

While game cards are not fundamentally different from a standard deck, they usually come with special scoring points that are added to the cards to make it easier for everyone participating to keep track of what’s going on with the total scores. Some gaming decks are even more specialised, where they are designed with specific games in mind, but these are usually not casino games so they might not be worth investing in.

Novelty Decks

Novelty decks are aimed at those people that have a passion for cards of all shapes and sizes. These are custom decks that can have unique elements that no other deck of cards will have. You will notice that they will have special artwork or other features that make them stand out from normal decks. While these kinds of cards are not generally different in how they function, they can make for a great addition to any assortment of casino games that you want to play at home.

Marked Decks

Marked decks are the kind of cards that magicians tend to carry as they have special markings that allow the magician to keep track of specific cards as they perform their tricks. While most magicians will generally rely on a standard deck of cards to pull off most of their tricks, they will sometimes make use of a marked deck for specialised tricks that they would not otherwise be able to pull off.

While these are great to have at home if you intend to show off some magic to your friends during gatherings, it’s never a good idea to try and sneak them into a casino as you may end up being banned for life, so it’s best just to play with them while watching 2022 World Cup on TV.

Vintage Cards

Vintage cards are decks of cards that originated at some point in the past, usually at least prior to the current generation. These are cards that are sought after by collectors and won’t really feature that much in gaming. They should not be confused with antique cards, as these are decks that are at least a century old and can sometimes be extremely valuable, while vintage cards tend to be much newer.