Double Joker Poker Online Casino Game Summarized

Here’s a bit of a spin on a classic, the classic in question is poker, and the spin is this video poker variation called Double Joker Poker. As the game suggests, this form of draw poker is played with 54 cards in total, a standard French deck of 52 plus the additional 2 jokers. Now the point of jokers is that they are the venerable wild cards of the table game industry, and as such can act as any other card in the deck depending on the holder’s requirements. In poker this has the added benefit of allowing for additional hands, like the 5 of a kind for example.

Video poker, like this Double Joker Poker game, is a fun and has easy format to play, as it plays like a slot game with the action of the cards involved. This means that players place bets, play the game, and then compare their final hands to a set pay table to discern pay out. This leaves no room for bluffing, a tradition associated with the land based table game, but opens up some other diverse avenues.

More about the Game of Double Joker Poker

As mentioned above, Double Joker Poker is played with two additional cards to the standard 52, both jokers. Add to this the fact that wins are based solely on the poker hands formed in this video slot, the players would be well equipped should they stick fast the different poker hands feasibly formed with 5 cards and jokers in play. The first, lowest valued, available hand on the table is a pair, in many video poker games this is limited to jacks or better, with 2 pair, 3 of a kind, straight, flush, full house, four of a kind, straight flush and 5 of a kind following respectively. Now that these fundaments have been addressed the gameplay involved can be.

Double Joker Poker is played like 5 card draw poker, where players are dealt 5 cards and get one opportunity to exchange any number of them to result in their final hand. In this game though, the first thing players must do is place a wager. This option is often fairly broad, allowing for a whole medley of bets to be made for most types of players. Keep in mind though that the pay outs are based on a pay table, and so return winnings as a factor of the initial bet.

The Unique Odds of Double Joker Poker

One more thing that perhaps needs a side mention before players start playing Double Joker Poker is the different odds the two jokers in the deck instigate from the mean. Since these two wild cards essentially make the different poker hands more plausible, the odds and pay outs aren’t as high as the poker games sans jokers, and so wins may not be as high as some experience players may be used to.

This does mean however that wins will be more easily struck though, so perhaps these two balance each other out, or perhaps one side wins out a little over the other. Definitely a dilemma for the players to solve.