Draglings Online Slot Overview for Casino Gamers

Dragons are certainly one of the more impressive and often explored of the mythical creatures spoken of today. Their fearsome fire breathing accompanied by their massive talons and capability of flight make them intimidating to say the least, and perhaps why they have persisted so long in the stories we tell. This Draglings slot from Yggdrasil however, employs this mythical beast in a rather different light from the norm, that is to say, in the form of dragon eggs, rather than the creatures themselves. On the reels this appears as colourful modules of light almost hovering in the centre of the screen and accompanied with some decent graphics.

The dragon theme, or rather eggs thereof, is definitely a unique touch to what is a rather popular choice of thematic association. However fundamentally the slot requires a good grounding to remain a float amidst all the competition and the 5 reels and 40 pay lines of this Draglings slot is a good start to that. There are also a few options regarding setup and betting from this Yggdrasil game, which is rather welcoming to a range of players. The bonus features attached to this mythically themed slot are definitely evident in the game and include a range of Wild symbols and a free spins feature.

The Theme’s Portrayal in this Slot

There are a lot of factors that contribute to the portrayal of the theme of an online slot game, including graphics, overall theme choice, colour, sound effects and layout. In this Draglings slot game the graphics are above average, with the entire slot taking on a rather ethereal feel when combined with the game’s lighting and backdrop. Speaking of backdrop, in this slot the reels are set in what appears to be a glowing cave, with what likely could be moonlight pouring in from the roof. Even the sound effects pull their weight on the reels, with these drawing a fair degree of attention onto the action happening on the reels.

On the topic of reels, this Draglings slot employs a rather unique set of them. This is because the middle reel is comprised of 5 symbols, whilst the reels adjacent have 4 and the outermost reels have 3. Of course given the theme of this game the symbols found on the reels are pretty much mostly different coloured dragon eggs, each with unique and rather intricate designs. Overall this makes for quite a pleasant spin.

Hatching the Draglings Slot Bonus Features

Every good online slot game needs a few bonus features like many at https://onlinecasinobc.net/slots and the ones included in this Yggdrasil slot game should sate the appetite rather well. The first bonus feature in Draglings slot to address is the 3 different Wild symbols. The blue dragon Wild is a standard substituting Wild symbol. The red dragon lands and then sets fire to other symbols on the reels, turning them Wild too. Finally the purple dragon Wild can expand to fit the whole reel it lands on.

The free spin feature of this Draglings slot is brought about by the free spin symbol and awards 10 free spins for 3 symbols anywhere on the reels, 20 spins for 4 and a notable 75 spins if 5 of these bonus symbols land on the reels. Additional free spins can be won during this feature and the Wilds occur more regularly.