Have a Look at the Tips for Gamblers!

Tips for Gamblers

Every professional gambler knows that, contrary to popular belief, there are no secrets to making a living off professional gambling. No more secrets even to winning something as simple as a game of tennis. There are however rules that must be followed in each of the two activities. But there exists a world of difference in meaning between a “secret” and a rule associated with whatever game or activity. Rules are simply those facts of life governing common sense.

Most professional gamblers believe that there are only three primary ingredients to a successful pro-gambling career. They are: money management, knowledge, and acquired skills. This doesn’t mean that there aren’t several smaller nuances and tricks of the trade that will help the new gambler gain the edge over his contemporaries. But since anyone and everyone are able to pick up on these with only as much as a little effort and determination, they still don’t qualify as secrets, or knowledge only ever known by a select elite group of individuals.

We will now briefly touch on some of these.

Avoid Gambling When Tired

A great first rule of thumb is to only ever gamble like taking part in Bingo Australia when you’re well-rested. This is obviously not to say that all gamblers suffering from a lack of sleep and relaxation will necessarily lose. But it’s at the same time also true that being tired or fatigued can often affect our perception, our ability to accurately analyse, and even our ability to make basic decisions.

Don’t Gamble When Fearing Losing

Being afraid of anything – including losing at gambling – chips away at our capacity to perform. This is because whenever we fear something, our confidence in our own ability to perform is instantly affected. And a lack of confidence, if anything, will result in a lack of performance.

The key, instead, is to manage and control losses whilst at the same time making the most that we possibly can of winning streaks. Or in other words, to follow the basic principle of losing as little as possible and winning as much as possible.

This may sound like stating the obvious, but it is actually a principle oftentimes overlooked. Gambling whilst sticking to the principal of limiting losses and increasing wins can be achieved by implementing a two-fold approach, which is firstly, to keep a low bet on average, and secondly, to double up when winning, not losing.


Don’t Believe Everything Written

More fallacies than truths are being peddled daily to an unsuspecting readership. And worst of all is that some of these fallacies are being propagated by so-called expert gambling authors and personalities.

A good example of this is a certain “expert” dishing out advice along the lines of never splitting a double-eight if a Blackjack dealer happens to have a nine, ten, or Ace. The logic is that this will lead to the player ending up with two sets of eighteen and losing to the dealer’s 19, 20, or 21.

This piece of advice is of course contrary to the basic Blackjack strategy – being the result of literally billions of hands analysed by high-speed supercomputers.