More Details about the Invictus Games for Online Bettors

The Invictus Games are a Paralympics style sports tournament which takes place every year in England. The games are especially for wounded men and women from the Armed Forces, either veteran or still active. The games were first thought up and created by Prince Harry and were modelled on their American counterpart, the Warrior Games.

Invictus in Latin means undefeated, or unconquered. The Invictus Games are still a pretty new concept, with the first games being held in 2014 in London, England. The next Invictus Games were held at Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida.

Betting on the Invictus Games

Wagering on the Invictus Games is a similar effort to wagering on the Olympic Games or the Paralympic Games. There are many different sports involved, many different teams and hundreds of athletes. This means that there are almost countless bets which can be placed. The big obvious bets are things like who will win gold in an event, or which country will go home with the most medals.

Smaller bets include more specific things, such as whether an athlete will lift more than a certain amount during the powerlifting competition, or who will score the first basket during the wheelchair basketball.

Odds and Handicaps

Every sporting event has odds placed on it and its competitors. Odds are basically the reflection of the probability or chance of a predicted outcome. In the Invictus Games, odds can be placed on teams or individual competitors. For example in the Paralympic swimming event the there may be a favourite competitor who is slated to win and an underdog. The underdog will have higher odds as his chances of winning are slimmer than the favourite. However, if you bet on him to win, and he does, you will receive a bigger payout than if you had bet on the favourite much like the best NBA bets.

A handicap works in a similar way to odds. For betting purposes, a team will receive a handicap if they are favoured highly above their competitors to win a match. In the same way, you will have a favourite and an underdog. The favourite team will get a point’s handicap placed on them by bookies. This makes for a more even money contest. The underdog team will receive a certain amount of points, which the favourite team has to beat them by in order for them to win the bookie’s books. This is most commonly applied to team sports such as rugby and basketball.

Strategies and Tips

There are many different ways to place a bet on the Invictus Games. To ensure that your wagers are successful, there are certain strategies that you can follow.

The first and foremost thing to do is to know your teams and competitors. Do not bet blindly without doing some research first. Not all teams are equal, although odds and handicaps are in place to help even out the proverbial playing field. Knowing which team or nation is historically stronger in which sport should help you to place successful wagers.

Look carefully at the odds offered by different bookies. These days one is spoilt for choice with online bookies from around the world, all offering different odds. Some bookies will offer promotions and bonuses too like at, so make sure that you choose the one that suits you and your pocket the best.

Finally, don’t take tips from just anyone. Do a bit of research into the tipsters to check their track records before believing anything that they predict.