Online Harness Racing Betting Guide for Punters in NZ

Harness Racing is an equine sport, which is a sport involving horses. In harness racing horses are attached to a sulky, or a small carriage, and race around a track. The horses themselves perform a very specific gate which has to be taught to them, they do not gallop as race horses do. The breed of horse used for harness racing is similar to regular race horses in height, but is a larger build so as to be able to pull the sulky with a driver. Harness racing is very fast paced, with a number of sulky’s and horses on the track at a time.

Online Harness Racing Betting in New Zealand Explained

Harness Racing Betting is placing a bet on a harness race. These races are conducted in many parts of the country on a number of tracks. Placing your wager can be done in a number of ways, both online like at and at the actual track itself on race day. There are various terms unique to both the actual sport of harness racing as well as placing a bet on it that should be learnt before attempting to place a wager.

How to Bet on Harness Racing

Placing a wager on a harness race is a popular form of sports betting in New Zealand. This can be done either at the track, or via an online site. Online sites offer many different odds as well as sometimes bonuses and promotions which both new and existing punters can make use of.

When choosing your online betting site, it is a good idea to look around to find the site that best suits you. They will not all have the same odds, nor will they all offer the same bonuses and promotions and may not offer t20 cricket betting. When choosing your site, make sure that you pick one which is reputable and has a history which you can check. Reading real reviews is always a good way to see how the site treats its clients.

Forewarned is Forearmed

When placing your bets, make sure that you have a good knowledge of not just the sport but also the horses, drivers and trainers. Harness racing is similar to horse racing in that the horses will have a certain track record which can be looked up, but different in that the drivers play a huge role in how the horses perform. Harness horses have much more equipment on them, so they sometimes play less of a role in winning as race horses do.

Reading carefully about each horse, how old they are and how they competed in the last race will help you to get a feel of how they may compete in this race. Some races allow the horses to be won by another owner or trainer. If this has happened to the horse that you are looking at backing, make sure that the new set of owners and trainers is of the same calibre or higher than the set the horse previously had.

Harness horses do not get spelled as race horses do. If a horse has a gap in its racing career, try to find out why. Most times it will be because of injury, which should make you hesitate to bet on them.