Review of the Closed Down Vegas World Casino

The Closed Down Vegas World Casino

In the United States, Las Vegas is known as the hub of gambling and casinos. Every year, thousands of people from all over the country and the world flock to the city to experience what the city has to offer. Las Vegas is home to some of the most beautiful and unique land based casinos in the world. The city skyline is always awash with colours and towering buildings. Between 1979 and 1995, one of the most unique and inventive casinos was the famous Vegas World Casino. Owned by Bob Stupak, this space themed casino and hotel complex had a rich and colourful history until it was closed down to make way for the iconic Stratosphere casino.

The Origins of the Casino

The origins of the casino began in the 1970’s when Bob Stupak bought 1.5 acres of land in Las Vegas. The address for the land was 2000 South Las Vegas Boulevard, Las Vegas, Nevada USA. In March 1974, Bob opened up a small casino called Bob Stupak’s World Famous Million-Dollar Historic Gambling Museum and Casino. The predecessor to Vegas World held 15 slot machines, a few casino tables and a number of casino gimmicks for which he became famous. Some of the gimmicks included the world’s richest slot machine, as well as the shower of money machine.

The Construction of Vegas World

In May of 1974, the casino burnt down after an air conditioner caught fire. With the insurance money and a loan from the bank, Bob Stupak began construction of the new hotel and casino complex. The new space themed casino was called Vegas World which officially opened its doors on the 13th of July 1979. In order to bring in more customers, Bob invented a number of strange gimmicks and casino rules. Bob was the first person to send out direct mailers with promotions for the casino. He also invented casino card game variations such as double exposure blackjack where players got to see both of the dealer’s cards.

Bob Stupak Image

Renovations to Increase the Casino

The Vegas World casino featured the largest wheel of fortune wheel measuring over 30 feet. Bob also introduced unique craps tables and other interesting promotions to generate interest in the casino itself. One of the most unique features of the casino was a glass case filled with real money with a poster of Stupak above it tempting people to try and win. Over time, the casino added a 24 story hotel tower and increased to the casino to 80 000 square feet. At its peak, the casino made 100 Million dollars a year in gambling revenue.

Making Way for the Stratosphere

Before shutting its doors, the casino featured the world’s largest mural as well as an Elvis impersonation show with EP King and Terry Presley as Elvis performers. It was in 1995 that Bob Stupak decided to close down the Vegas World casino to make way for his new project the Stratosphere. The property’s two hotel towers were renovated to become part of the Stratosphere hotel and casino complex. Today the Stratosphere is one of the most iconic casinos in Vegas. Like the NFL betting in Australia, the casino complex attracts visitors from all over the world.