Taking an Exclusive Look at Treasure Tomb Online Slot

If you’re familiar with epic treasure hunter films like the Indiana Jones and The Mummy and franchises, then you should have a fairly good idea of what to expect from the Treasure Tomb slot by 1×2 Gaming – at least when it comes to graphics and effects.

But don’t expect your typical five- or three-reel online video slot format because the developer has taken a completely different approach in the Treasure Tomb slot. Instead of reels, the Treasure Tomb slot player is presented with a 7 x 6 grid – oddly resembling a lit-up 70s disco dance floor – which spreads out between our intrepid treasure hunter and his fortune. This lies in the massive bejewelled emerald eyes of an idol on the other side of the room.

How it Works

The Treasure Tomb slot hero must make his way across a series of tiles, which will light up to indicate their availability and are colour coded to indicate the player’s odds of survival if they choose to step on them. The Treasure Tomb slot tile colours and odds are as follows:

  • Green and blue – 1.5:1
  • Yellow – 2:1
  • Purple – 3:1
  • Red – 5:1

While the choice may seem obvious at first, Treasure Tomb slot players should bear in mind that the worse their chance of survival, the greater the wins if they do.

Fortune Favours the Bold

Players may step either forward or sideways but should bear in mind that each step is the equivalent of a spin in the Treasure Tomb slot – so this will cause them to take longer to reach the idol. However, with each successful step closer to their prize, gold coins fall from its mouth and Treasure Tomb slot players’ winnings accumulate.

After each series of spins – i.e. once they reach the prize or are killed – players have the option to cash out their accumulated winnings or use them to continue into the next Treasure Tomb slot round.

A 10% bonus awaits players who are lucky enough to make it all the way to the idol.

But, of course, like those of all fortune hunters, our hero’s path in the Treasure Tomb slot is fraught with peril…

Beware the Booby Traps

There are numerous fairly horrifying ways in which our brave Treasure Tomb slot hero may lose his life as he makes his way toward the treasure… these include the burning ray of the mummy’s gaze, falling rocks, a deadly spider bite, or a poisonous dart shot by a witch doctor who guards the Treasure Tomb slot treasure.

Staking Options for Any Fortune Finder

Before players begin each series of Treasure Tomb slot “spins” – i.e. steps toward the treasure – they must decide how much they are willing to risk in the process.

The betting range is wide, starting at 0.05 and going all the way up to 45.25 credits. The player’s selection will hold for each step in that Treasure Tomb slot round.

Continue the Adventure via Mobile

Players who prefer to spin the reels on the move will be pleased to learn that the Treasure Tomb slot is available in a mobile version compatible with most tablet and smartphone operating systems, including Android and iOS.