The Attraction of the Bonus Deuces Wild Online Casino Game at a Glance

Bonus Deuces Wild Online Casino Game

To start off, Bonus Deuces Wild video poker game is intrinsically an entertaining casino game experience since players have two exciting games rolled into one. Poker has universal appeal and a global following, while slot machines are just loved by everyone. Since becoming a thing in the 1970’s, video poker games have delighted audiences with an addictive gaming style, and extremely high returns to player.

Realtime Gaming have never been backward in coming forward with all types of casino games and their range of video poker options is no different. Bonus Deuces Wild starts off with the toe curling feature that deuces, or twos are wild, and can substitute for any other card in creating winning combinations. The game then proceeds to add the white knuckle benefit to players’ potential rewards with the bonus angle, where four of a kind wins receive hugely enhanced prizes.

A Special Video Poker Game

Tempting as it is to launch into a discourse on the relevant merits of the available Bonus Deuces Wild machines, whether players should select an 8/5 or 9/6 machine to best improve their winning ratios, this would not be able to correctly reflect on the special nature of this video poker game. Not special in an institutional lock-up or high-level drugs way, but more in a stand-out from the pack kind of style.

When succumbing to this version of video poker, and in order to begin playing Bonus Deuces Wild video poker game, players first select the number of coins they wish to wager on each hand. This can, and should, be varied in order for players to be able to play the game at the level that suits them best.

Playing the Game

Once dealt, players get to select the cards that they wish to retain in their hand, the others being discarded. Keeping a card in video poker is essentially a simple click, and with RTG games being known for their functionality and intuitive game play, enjoying video poker, and in this case Bonus Deuces Wild, is easy and understandable to accomplish. The incentives in Bonus Deuces Wild are the Bonus aspect referred to in the name of the game, which substantially increases pay-outs with respect to any four-of-a-kind wins.

Like free bingo at, Bonus Deuces Wild video poker can generally be enjoyed for free at RTG casinos. Players additionally will have access to a downloadable online casino app for full access to unlimited Bonus Deuces Wild free play. When deciding to up the ante and begin playing these very high return to player machines for real money, players will also find a fresh load of offerings available at the RTG casinos and these include large, supportive deposit bonus.

Playing Bonus Deuces Wild Poker

Advantages of this Poker Option

One of the features in Bonus Deuces Wild that players should keep an eye out for, is the change to the pay table that having the twos as a wild card creates. The pay table in this game will therefore feature high paying hands such as Five of a Kind. Hands that are termed natural, relate to whether one of the wild deuces had to be utilised in compiling the winning combination or not. Not using a deuce is going to result in a larger pay-out, but that is off-set against the relative ease of achieving a winning hand that is enhanced through the use of the deuces.