The Glam Life Online Slot Described for Players

The theme on the reels of this slot game from Betsoft is indeed that of luxury and decadence. A popular theme for many slot games, the one based on luxury is certainly familiar with the reels it is based around and spurs the atmosphere of winning. On the screen itself this type of theme is rather easy to perpetuate, with the imagery associated easily identifiable and executable in this format. In lieu of graphics, The Glam Life slot has a decent range of visuals and animations, with the symbols on the reels playing a large role in this overall thematic pursuit. Another theme enhancer is the addition of several linked bonus features and games, making the experience rather immersive.

Once the lustre of luxury fades however, players will find themselves surrounded by a set of 5 reels and some 20 adjustable pay lines, through which one ultimately plays this slot game. Beneath the reels, in thematic colouring and style, are additional betting options and settings, allowing for players to setup the game in the way they want. Not to be left out, the bonus features attached to The Glam Life slot also play a substantial role in the game’s setup, allowing players additional opportunities as they spin. These include a good couple of themed mini games and even a free spins feature.

The Life of Luxury on the Reels

Money, wealth and power are definitely appealing prospects, and when put into the theme of an online slot game, the visuals imparted serve to highlight these factors further. With The Glam Life slot developers Betsoft have included all the necessary aspects that make up an online slot game theme, with the likes of backdrop, soundtrack and symbols all pulling together to send across the same message, that of an exaggerated life of luxury. The colour scheme employed on the reels of this pokie game includes variations of purple and pink for the most part, adding perhaps a more gender neutral atmosphere to the proceedings.

Some of the symbols players can expect to find on the reels of The Glam Life slot are cellphones, credit cards, watches, diamond rings, expensive looking perfume and of course the usual high roller symbols of fancy planes, cars, boats and houses. These present across quite well on the reels of this slot.

A Few Decadent Bonus Features Available

As in many other iPhone casino slots at, in the Glam Life, players will find a solid collection of bonus features that will begin with the free spins feature. This feature is triggered through the jet symbol and can award players with up to 5 free spins. This effectively just allows players additional spinning opportunities at the more involved bonus games.

The more thematic features that Betsoft have included in this slot game are all variations of pick’em mini games, triggered through various bonus symbols found on the reels. The bonus symbol in this regard include the mansion, the perfume bottle and the brown jewellery box. These add a fair degree of both winning and thematic presence to The Glam Life slot game. There is also a progressive jackpot included which can be won by landing 5 of the yacht symbols across an active pay line, and only if players’ are playing at max bet.