Tips for Horse Racing Bettors Online

To be successful at horse racing betting it is important to have a combination of knowledge and skills.  This will not make someone an expert, but the more one learns about horse racing the more well-informed they will be and then they are able to place a bet based not on luck or guess work but on solid information and good research.

It is important for Australian punters to get to know the basics of horse racing. Understanding the odds is a good place to start and will give punters a good indication of how much a certain horse will pay out.

When Australian punters want to place a bet on a horse race there are a few different ways to go about it.  There is no set way of doing this as there are many factors to take into consideration.  Information is the key to placing a good bet and it is important to look at the quality of the horse as well as keeping in mind that each race is different.  A horse that wins a race this week, may not necessarily win the next.  Each race must be looked at as a separate event and look at the stats in light of this.  Punters will also need to consider the other horses in the race, a horse may look as though they are going to win, but there may be other horses that have a better chance and this would affect how a punter would bet.

Form and Performance

Australian punters should look at the current form of the horse and it is logical that a horse that is in good form has a better chance of winning.  Punters should consider factors such as the form of other horses in previous races, the distance of the races as well as the conditions.  This will help punters to work out how a horse has performed and how the horse will perform in future races.  A horse that has won against low standard horses will probably not do well against stronger horses and a horse that has won over a short distance is not likely to do well over a long distance race.  It is important to compare current form to the overall form of a horse.

Another aspect to consider is the trainer and the jockey as they both play an important role in the success or failure of a horse race.

Courses and Distance

Looking at the courses which a horse has run at is also worth considering as some horses will always do well at certain courses and this goes for jockeys and trainers.  The distance of the race as mentioned is another factor to look at as some horses do better on short distances and some prefer long distances.  Punters at should look at how a horse has performed over long and short distances and this will give a good indication of how a horse will perform.  On the subject of distance it is good to discuss whether a horse is stepping up or down and an example of this would be if a horse does well over short distances the trainer might step up as he anticipates his horse doing well over long distances.

There are many factors to consider when betting on horse racing, but these are a few of the main points to look at when starting out.