Titan Thunder Online Slot Guide for Players

Titan Thunder is an online slot machine game, created by the notoriously impressive QuickSpin studio. It features a rich visual design, as well as a smooth, relaxing soundtrack. The theme of the game is the legendary titans, all of which have been recreated in impressively drawn artwork. The game is well designed, functions beautifully on computer and mobile device, and has a noticeable layer of care in every aspect of the game.

How to Play Titan Thunder

In order to start playing, you must first make an initial bet using Debit Cards etc. This can be done by using the arrow buttons beside the bet window, found near the bottom of the screen. Once you are happy with the bet, simply click the spin button, which is found at the bottom right of the screen.

The bet will be laid, and the reels will spin. When the reels stop, the visible icons must form matching sequences, from left to right. If a sequence is achieved it will payout, with the amount being based on the value of the tiles forming the sequence. Remember that special bonus tiles are also in play, and when triggered may payout enormous amounts.

Designed for Mobile Phone

Like mobile slots at https://mobilecasinocanada.org/microgaming, the Titan Thunder casino game is compatible with most mobile devices, including both smart phones and tablets. All the game controls use one touch functionality, meaning that not only is a touch screen is a comfortable experience, but that game play will potentially be more user friendly on a portable device.

In order to play on your phone or tablet, simply download the application via Google Play Store on an Android device, or Apple iStore on an Apple device, and tap the icon to start playing. Remember, however, that if using an Android device, the game play experience may vary. If you find the game awkward or unresponsive, you may prefer instead to play via laptop or home computer. In order to play via laptop, simply open the game in a browser and it will run automatically. Playing on desktop using a mouse is also completely compatible, and the images will often appear more detailed on a larger screen.

Titan Thunder Special Features

Immediately noticeable is that although the game is a standard five reel, fifty play line system, that the left most reel is blocked off. This reel can be opened during the special bonus sequence, allowing for a great chance of winning. In order to trigger this bonus sequence, you must match at least three bonus icons. These are easily recognisable by their lightening bolt symbol.

Once the sixth reel is unlocked, free spins are granted, during which every win is worth three times as much. Furthermore, once of the titan icons are chosen as a wild, greatly increasing the chances of winning. Also note that during standard play that there is a wild tile, easily identifiable by the word wild, which may match with any other icons to form winning sequences, thus increasing players chances of a larger payout.