What Are The Best Games To Play At Your Casino Party?

So that you can have a great casino party the first thing that you need to do is to start off with some amazing invitations which are focused on a casino theme. Very cool casino-themed decorations and accessories will add to the theme of the casino party. Guests at a casino themed party will have the expectation that they will be a winner.

Before the games begin, announce that prizes will be awarded to those who have the highest chip count or funny money. When the evening ends everyone goes to the prize table with their winnings and will select their big prize.

So what are the best games that your guests will be sure to enjoy at your casino-themed party? We asked around and these are what we came up with.


Blackjack is a counting game and the idea behind it is to collect cards that have an overall value as close as possible to 21 without going over. A player wins if his hand of cards is closer to 21 than the dealer’s hand, or – alternatively – if the dealer goes over 21, which is called busting.

Blackjack players can take as many cards as they want to from the dealer until they stand (in other words stop taking cards) or bust (if the hand goes over 21). This is a great casino game idea and it is said that this is one of the absolute best gambling games to play where you have a better chance of winning if you stick to the rules.

Five Card Draw

At the beginning of this highly enjoyable casino game, each of the players are dealt five cards. After this, initial bets are placed. Players then take turns selecting up to three cards to reject in exchange for new cards in an attempt to better their hands. Players then make their second bets and unveil their hands. The casino player who ends up with the best hand of cards will win.


Craps is the king of games and there are many variants of this fun, exciting dice game. Craps is only about two numbers as well as only two numbers. You just need to take away all the other probabilities from your mind and then it becomes quite a simple game.

You can just have one winner and one loser in craps. Everything else is just white noise. The fun for most players is about learning to understand the basic concept of – one winner and one loser so that they can dive right in and learn how to embrace and then play ‘the noise’ of field bets, hard ways, make bets, odds, lays, hops, crap checks, yo’s, horns and whirls. Roulette


Roulette is fun, exciting and fast-paced. It is a casino game in which a ball is rolled onto a spinning horizontal wheel that is divided into compartments. The players bet on which slot the ball will come to a stop in. The thrill of guessing which compartment the ball will land in is what draws players in.